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 Can I download and Navigate to geocaches in the eXplorist 350H
 No the 350H does not support direct downloads of Geocaches from however you can manually enter the coordinates using the "Plan Trip" option from either Hunting or Hiking activities. In the steps below we are going to show how to create
 How do I set or change the GMU/WMU alarms in my eXplorist 350H?
  Select SETTINGS then select HUNT AREAS. Select GMU/WMU BORDER ALERTS and press ENTER. Select the desired distance for leaving and entering GMU/WMU areas.
 How do I enter known Coordinates in the eXplorist 350H?
 Entering coordinates of a waypoint is done in the "PLAN TRIP" option. Follow the steps below to create a waypoint based on known coordinates. NOTE: Lat/Lon is in degrees, decimal format only.
 How do I plan a Trip on my eXplorist 350H?
 The Plan Trip is used when you want to create a trip that can be used to navigate on. Multiple points can be created and used to define the trip you are planning. For example you may use Plan Trip to map out an area using waypoints that you marked durin
 Why am I missing GMU data for my state?
 When the eXplorist 350H was released not all states were covered and since then we have added 23 more states. For more information on what states are covered and to download the update click
 How do I view GMU regions on my eXplorist 350H?
  In Map Settings the GMU/WMU map overlays must be turned on: Select SETTINGS. Select MAP. Select MAP SELECTION. Highlight OVE
 Can I purchase additional maps for the eXplorist 350H?
 Currently Kirsch TRAX Hunt Maps, US Trailmaps ATV and Snowmobile, National Geographic TOPO! and DigitalGlobe satellite imagery are compatible with the eXplorist 350H and available for purchase on the Magellan website. Click
 How do I switch to a different point when travelling on a trip created in PLAN TRIPS?
 If it is the first time you started the trip it will only allow you to go to starting point in that trip then automatically guide you to the saved points in that trip. If you want to advance to a specific point in the trip you will need to end the trip
 How do I backtrack on the eXplorist 350H?
 The eXplorist 350H only records track when you select the "TRACK ME" option. At any point while in "TRACK ME" mode you can backtrack to your starting point by following the steps below. On your eXplorist 350H select HUNT or HIKE a
 How do I view my waypoints on the eXplorist 350H?
 Waypoints can be viewed by using MY TRIPS to active the trip the waypoint was created in. The waypoint will be displayed on the map.
 How do I activate a GMU/WMU area in my eXplorist 350H
  Select settings then select hunt areas press enter on “select GMUWMU areas. Select the state you are going to hunt in. Select the specific area you are going to hunt in that state and press enter to activate.
 If I delete a trip in the eXplorist 350H will my waypoints be deleted?
 Yes. Waypoints that are created are associated with the trip that you were on when they were created. If you want to save the waypoint for future use, save them to the VantagePoint software application before deleting the trip.
 How do I go to a point of interest (POI) on the map?
  On your eXplorist 350H select HUNT or HIKE and choose the PLAN TRIP option. Three options are available for adding points to the trip: ENTER COORDINATES, DROP PIN ON MAP, and SEARCH. Select SEARCH
 How do I create a waypoint in the eXplorist 350H?
  When you are using TRACK ME or you have selected a trip from MY TRIPS you can create a waypoint from your current location (or from a location you panned to using the joystick). Press the Menu button and select MARK TH
 How do I view my current location on the eXplorist 350H?
  From the HUNT or HIKE starting point menu select TRACK ME. Your current location is displayed as the blue icon in the center of the screen. For more information about your current position use the Menu bu
 What is the number in the upper left hand corner of the map display for?
 When on a trip (TRACK ME or a trip selected from MY TRIPS) it displays the distance you have traveled. If the blue destination line is displayed (you are getting guidance information to a point) the number displayed is the distance to the n
 How do I view my current elevation on the eXplorist 350H?
 While on a trip (TRACK ME or from MY TRIPS) press ENTER twice and the QUICK INFO is displayed with the elevation shown.
 How do I view my saved tracks on the explorist 350H
 Saved Tracks can only be viewed when you have saved a trip using the "track me" option follow the steps below: Select HUNT or HIKE then select MY TRIPS Select the trip you want to view the track and press ENTER
 How to change the battery type in my eXplorist GPS receiver?
  From main menu select SETTINGS. Under Settings select POWER. Select BATTERY TYPE and press ENTER. Select battery type installed.
 How do I view a field note in my saved trip or waypoint?
 Field notes are saved to the trip for the associated waypoint. Select HUNT or HIKE then select MY TRIPS. Select the trip that contains the field note to be viewed. Highlight the WP DETAILS icon and press
 What is the difference between Hunt and Hike modes?
 The main difference is the type of icons used when marking waypoints. HUNT has icons designed for the hunter and HIKE contains icons for the average hiker.
 How do I edit a waypoint?
 Waypoints can only be edited in the trip that they were created to edit a saved waypoint follow the steps below: Select Hunt or hike then select MY TRIPS Select the trip you want to edit the waypoint and press ENTER
 What is TRACK ME used for?
 TRACK ME allows you to record your track and waypoints and save it to a TRIP file that can be accessed later. NOTE: After saving the track and waypoints to a file you cannot navigate to those waypoints directly.
 What are Fish/Hunt times and how do I access them on my exposit
 This feature helps you find the peak fish and game activity for each day based on lunar phase data. To access this feature follow the steps below: From the Main Menu select SETTINGS. Use the joystick to select CALENDAR.
 How do I add a field note after saving waypoint or trip?
 Filed notes are actually saved to the trip in which you created that specific waypoint follow the steps below to add a field note: Select HUNT or HIKE then select MY TRIPS Select the trip you want to add the fiel
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