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 Are map updates available for my vehicle navigation unit?
 How do I check if map updates are available using SmartGPS Eco?
 How do I download addresses created in the SmartGPS Eco system onto my SmartGPS?
 How do I import an address from my old Magellan GPS to My New SmartGPS?
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 How do I register and check for updates of my vehicle navigation device?
 How do I register my device using Wi-Fi?
 How do I register the SmartGPS that I just purchased?
 How do I share an address or recent destiaton with my friends on Facebook?
 How do I update lifetime maps?
 How do I update my GPS using SmartGPS Eco?
 How do I use the webfinds feature in SmartGPS Eco?
 How long does it take to download the map into my GPS?
 I do not have my proof of purchase, how do I obtain warranty repairs?
 Updating map using (pdf)
 What are the features of SmartGPS Eco?
 What browsers is the SmartGPS Eco compatible with?
 Where can I get updates for my device?
 Why am I not seeing Weather information on my SmartGPS?
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