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 How do I update my map?
 To check that you have the latest map for your device: Connect your device to your computer using a USB cable. Log into with your MagellanGPS account. Click on the Update tab. Click Download if you
 Do I have the latest software version?
 To check that you have the latest software for your device: Log into SmartGPS Eco with your MagellanGPS account. Connect your device to your computer using a USB cable. Click on the Update tab. Click Download if yo
 How do I update my GPS using SmartGPS Eco?
  Go to and log into your account. Make sure your SmartGPS is fully charged. Connect your device to your computer with a USB cable. If it do
 How do I register the SmartGPS that I just purchased?
  Log in to SmartGPS Eco at If you don’t have a Magellan account, click Sign Up! to create one. A message will prompt you to connect your SmartGPS to a computer, and a second message will prompt you to “instal
 How do I install Premium Phantom alerts onto my SmartGPS?
 On the Smart GPS, once you purchase the Premium Phantom Alerts and have the GPS connected to Wi-Fi, the Premium Phantom Alert update will be seen on your GPS within a few minutes. To verify your GPS has the content enabled follow the steps below:
 What browsers is the SmartGPS Eco compatible with?
 SmartGPS Eco Web portal and plug in are compatible with the following computer and browser configurations: IBM-compatible computers Windows® XP and Vista using the latest version of Firefox, Safari, or Chrome
 Why am I not seeing Weather information on my SmartGPS?
 In order for the Weather app to provide data your device must be registered through SmartGPS Eco. Click
 How do I use the webfinds feature in SmartGPS Eco?
  Make sure the bookmark bar in your browser is enabled. (For windows 7 Internet explorer 9 it is done by enabling the favorite bar. On other browsers this may be different.) Once Bookmark bar is enabled click on the "Webfinds" tab.
 How do I check if Map updates are available for my SmartGPS using SmartGPS Eco?
 Once you have registered your gps you will receive an e-mail notifying you when any updates are available, alternately you can go to after logging in an updates tab w
 How do I download addresses created in the SmartGPS Eco system onto my SmartGPS?
 Addresses and POIs are automatically synced whenever your SmartGPS is connected to Wi-Fi. To manually sync the content when Wi-Fi isn't available, follow these instructions. Go to via.magellang
 How long does it take to download the map into my GPS?
 The U.S. map including GPS software can take anywhere from 4 hours to (using high speed connection) over 8 hours (using dial up connection).
 What are the features of SmartGPS Eco?
  Registration - Seamless registration process for your SmartGPS. Software Updates Map Updates Create and Manage addresses and have them automatically sync to your Sm
 How do I import an address from my old Magellan GPS to My New SmartGPS?
 Currently at this point in time this is not an option and has to be manually entered into the SmartGPS.
 How do I share an address or recent destiaton with my friends on Facebook?
 You can share addresses, recent destinations, and places in your Wish List to your Facebook wall or you can send it to someone via e-mail: Go to and log
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