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 Are map updates available for my vehicle navigation unit?
 Can I download games or music apps to my Magellan SmartGPS?
 Can I route to a coordinate?
 How can I adjust the speed limit warnings?
 How can I turn the nightmode feature on/off?
 How do I add/edit address book entries?
 How do I cancel a route if I decide not to continue?
 How do I change the region?
 How do I change the volume settings?
 How do I check if map updates are available using SmartGPS Eco?
 How do I edit Multi-Destination routes?
 How do I enter Multi-Destination routes?
 How do I register and check for updates of my vehicle navigation device?
 How do I register my device using Wi-Fi?
 How do I register the SmartGPS that I just purchased?
 How do I reset my unit?
 How do I route to an address on my SmartGPS
 How do I save a previous destination to my address book?
 How do I update lifetime maps?
 How do I update my GPS using SmartGPS Eco?
 How does my address book sync from SmartGPS Eco to my smartGPS device?
 How is the time/time zone set on the smartGPS device?
 How long do I need to sync my SmartGPS?
 How long will the smartGPS battery last on a single charge?
 How much data does the SmartGPS use while syncing through Bluetooh?
 How often will my Magellan SmartGPS sync new data?
 How to pre-sync the SmartGPS to an planned destination.
 I do not have my proof of purchase, how do I obtain warranty repairs?
 I have purchased a Premium phantomALERT subscription for my Magellan SmartGPS. How do I get these updates?
 Is the smartGPS compatible with Mac?
 Is the smartGPS compatible with the Magellan back-up camera?
 Software update on my SmartGPS device
 Updating map using (pdf)
 When the traffic event window appears does it show the delay for my entire route or just incidents directly ahead of me?
 Where can I get updates for my device?
 Where do I adjust my routing options such as avoiding u-turns and toll roads?
 Why am I not seeing Weather information on my SmartGPS?
 Why is my Magellan SmartGPS not showing any POI information after syncing?
 Why is my Magellan SmartGPS not syncing any new content?
 Why is the "Done" button in the lower right hand corner of the screen not responsive and grayed out?
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