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 How do I redeem a map coupon code?
 Follow the steps below: First select the map you want, (maps will vary depending on the GPS bundle type you have purchased). After selecting map, select "Proceed to check out" button. A login page will appear, enter login creden
 How do I activate the map on my GPS?
 Follow the steps below: Triton receivers Select the Map option by selection Menu then selecting View then select Maps. Under Maps select the detailed map by selecting the check box to activate. eXplorist 510 610
 How do I download a map to my eXplorist?
 Once you complete the map purchase, you will be able to download the map from a link in an e-mail that that we will send to you. Clicking on the link in the email will download a map update wizard application. Save the application to your computer and run
 What map has voice guidance?
 The City Series map has turn by turn voice guidance driving directions.
 Can I use the map on another GPS?
 No. Downloadable maps are sold and licensed for only one GPS.
 How do I re-load the map I purchased, if I lose my memory card or delete it?
 A record of your purchase will be tied to your account. Login to Under My Account select My Maps. Then to download the same map again select Activate Map.
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