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 Switch Fitness Device's Software Improvements List
 Software Improvement List for the Switch Devices by Software Version Switch Series - Manual Software Update Version 19.48 - Improvements List I
 What to do if your Switch Device is stuck at the Start-Up screen
  How to Restore Your Switch Series Device When it is Stuck at Start-Up Screen Note: The following procedure will clear your user settings and activity
 How to Backup and Restore Your Settings or History for Switch Series Devices
  How to Backup and Restore Your Settings or History for Switch Series Devices Note: The process detailed in this document may not work if the storage format in the device software versio
 How do I reset my Magellan switch series device for first time use?
 Press and hold the ENTER and DOWN buttons at the same time. After 5 seconds, a menu will appear Select "Factory reset" WARNING: A factory reset will delete all activity data and settings.
 How long is the battery life?
 The internal battery will last 8 Hours on a full charge with GPS enabled and one ANT+ sensor connected under typical GPS conditions. Various factors can impact battery life, including but not limited to number of button presses, vibrates, backlight, and p
 Is the Magellan Switch series compatible with any online fitness software?
 Yes, it is compatible with most GPS fitness device supported websites including TrainingPeaks, MapMyFitness, Strava and Sportraks. Basically it should work with any online application that supports the .fit file format. Fit files are located in the “Activ
 How do I reset my Magellan Switch series device?
 Holding down the power button for 5 seconds will shut off the device without deleting stored data or preferences if your device keypad should become unresponsive.
 How do I replace the battery?
 The internal battery cannot be replaced however you can purchase an optional battery pack which increases battery life up to 16 hours.
 Why am I seeing "Action Not Permitted" when I attempt to start an activity on my fitness device?
 If this message appears it means your device has not yet acquired a GPS position fix while attempting to start an activity. This can possibly occur during first time use or after updating the software . If you wait a half a minute your fitness device shou
 Is the Magellan Switch series compatible with a Mac?
 Yes, The Magellan Switch series are compatible and can be seen by a Mac PC.
 Does the Switch series fitness device have a backtrack option?
 No, however it does have the ability to record your breadcrumb or track and has an option to guide you back to your starting point or last saved position using a straight goto guidance line. What you see is your track line along with a straight line guid
 Will I damage the battery if I do not fully charge it?
 This will not damage the battery, however we recommend fully charging the battery before first time use and only charge it when it is fully drained to maintain maximum battery life.
 Do I have to wait for the watch to get a GPS signal fix before I start an activity?
 If you have a foot pod (running) or bike speed sensor (cycling) connected, it will get speed/distance from those sensors until GPS signal is found (if speed/distance preference is GPS) You can also start an activity without GPS or applicable sensor, but i
 Can I go swimming or diving with the Magellan Switch series?
 Yes Magellan Switch series are 50m water resistant which means they are safe for swimming.
 If I am indoors should I turn off the GPS?
 No, it is not necessary after 2 minutes of searching for GPS Signal without a fix, an alert will ask if you want to continue searching for GPS. Press the back button to cancel searching and the enter button to continue searching. The alert will trigger ev
 What Windows operating system is the Switch Fitness device compatible with?
 The Switch series is compatible with Microsoft XP (32 and 64bit) or higher including Windows 7 (32 and 64bit).
 Can the Magellan Switch series utilize a wireless download system to my computer?
 The Magellan Switch series do not have a wireless download feature they utilize a USB connector which is included with the device.
 How long does it take to charge my Switch Fitness device?
 If the Battery is fully discharged it will take approximately 2 hours using the provided AC adapter.
 Does the Switch series fitness device have a built in Map?
 No it does not have a basemap or detailed map, however it does have plotter type screen that allows you to view saved locations and current track information during an activity.
 Can I use my computer USB port to charge the Switch fitness device?
 Yes you can use the USB port of your computer USB port to charge the Switch Fitness device.
 How do I turn on the backlight?
 A 1 second quick press turns the backlight on and subsequently off. There is also a preference to change the duration of the automatic turn off feature.
 Can The Magellan Switch Series compute caloric burn?
 Yes it calculates calories with or without heart rate, but it is significantly more accurate when heart monitor rate is used. The calculation takes activity type and personal data (age, gender, height, weight, resting HR, max HR) into account as well. It
 How much information can be displayed at one time?
 The Magellan Switch series can display up to 6 data fields on one screen and up to 9 customizable data screens. Additionally there are non-customizable data screens like multisport data screen & activity pacer screens.
 Is the Extended battery pack waterproof?
 No the Extended battery pack is not water proof however it is splash proof.
 Does the Switch series fitness device have a regular watch mode?
 The switch series does not have an actual watch mode however it does have a quick info screen that contains the date and time and is accessed by pressing and holding the up arrow button located on the upper right side of the switch device.
 Can I charge the extended battery pack and the Switch fitness device at the same time?
 No, you cannot charge both devices at the same time you will need to charge one at a time the Battery Pack LED will stop blinking and remain green when fully charged.
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