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 Can I charge the extended battery pack and the Switch fitness device at the same time?
 Can I go swimming or diving with the Magellan Switch series?
 Can I use my computer USB port to charge the Switch fitness device?
 Can The Magellan Switch Series compute caloric burn?
 Can the Magellan Switch series utilize a wireless download system to my computer?
 Do I have to wait for the watch to get a GPS signal fix before I start an activity?
 Does the Switch series fitness device have a backtrack option?
 Does the Switch series fitness device have a built in Map?
 Does the Switch series fitness device have a regular watch mode?
 How do I replace the battery?
 How do I reset my Magellan switch series device for first time use?
 How do I reset my Magellan Switch series device?
 How do I turn on the backlight?
 How long does it take to charge my Switch Fitness device?
 How long is the battery life?
 How much information can be displayed at one time?
 How to Backup and Restore Your Settings or History for Switch Series Devices
 If I am indoors should I turn off the GPS?
 Is the Extended battery pack waterproof?
 Is the Magellan Switch series compatible with a Mac?
 Is the Magellan Switch series compatible with any online fitness software?
 Switch Fitness Device's Software Improvements List
 What to do if your Switch Device is stuck at the Start-Up screen
 What Windows operating system is the Switch Fitness device compatible with?
 Why am I seeing "Action Not Permitted" when I attempt to start an activity on my fitness device?
 Will I damage the battery if I do not fully charge it?
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