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 How can I save my iPhone RoadMate Application OneTouch favorites before I update?
  On the OneTouch menu, select the icon of favorites that you want to save.
 Where can I find tutorials showing the key features?
 The Magellan RoadMate app for iPhone tutorials are available on the Magellan website or you can click here.
 Can I get a refund on my application purchase?
 There are no refunds on software. Please see iTunes refunds policy.
 How can I improve the GPS signal to my iPhone?
 In order to improve your signal strength make sure the iPhone has a direct line of sight to the sky without obstructions. If your iPhone is mounted into a cradle, place it in a position that does not violate local laws and has a direct line of sight to t
 How is the GPS signal received?
 The iPhone has an internal GPS antenna that receives the GPS signal for the application to use while routing. The iTouch needs to be connected to the Magellan iPhone Cradle and use the cradle's internal GPS antenna for routing.
 Where is the best place to mount my iPhone?
 For best GPS reception, the iPhone should be placed high, with a clear view of the sky. Please consult your local laws regarding the mounting of devices near your windshield
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