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 How do I Download a National Geographic Map onto my GPS?
 To download the maps use the following steps: If you have not already done so, Download VantagePoint by clicking here. Open up VantagePoint and under “partners” in the top tool bar select the National Geographic drop down tab.
 What GPS models are compatible with National Geographic maps?
 The following models are compatible with National Geographic Maps: eXplorist 310 NA eXplorist 510 NA eXplorist 610 US eXplorist 610 CA
 Do I need a memory card to load a National Geocgraphic map onto my GPS?
 No, you do not need a memory card to load a map however some compatible models have memory limitations please consult your users manual for form information.
 Why can I not see the map at all map scales on my GPS?
 Depending on what detail level you have selected the Map may not appear at all map scales of your GPS. The resolution will vary. For 1:100K is it will be viewable from 2 mi to ¼ mi and for 1:24k will be viewable from ½ mi to 300ft
 How many devices can I load maps to?
 You can only load maps to one compatible Magellan receiver per subscription.
 What is the largest size map I can download at one time?
 You can download up to 500MB of maps in one day.
 Why are there National Geographic labels everywhere on my map?
 The watermarks appear when a subscription has not yet been purchased. Once a Subscription is purchased these watermarks will cease to appear.
 What is the highest resolution map I can download?
 National Geographic maps are available in 1:100K scale or 1:24K scale or you can load them separately or both scales of a particular area at the same time.
 What area does the National Geographic map subscription cover?
 The National Geographic subscription allows you to download maps from the continental us or lower 48 states
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