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 Can I adjust the app warnings?
 Can I change the menu language?
 Can I change the navigation voice language?
 Can I update to the RoadMate app v2.0 if I have an iPhone 3G or iPod touch 2nd generation?
 Do I have to pay for the traffic service with the v2.0 app?
 Do I have to pay to update to v2.0 from a previous Magellan RoadMate iPhone application version?
 How can I save my iPhone RoadMate Application OneTouch favorites before I update?
 How do I play my iPod while the RoadMate application is running?
 How many POI's are in this version of the app?
 What do the speed boxes display?
 Where did my menu and speed boxes on the Map screen disappear to?
 Why did I lose my OneTouch favorites after I updated to v2.0 from a previous version?
 Why do I see advertisements periodically appear on my map screen?
 Why does the message "RoadMate has suspended location tracking to reduce battery drain" appear on my iPhone screen?
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