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 What does "lifetime maps" mean?
 For maps and traffic data, "lifetime" is defined as the life of the product or 3 years, whichever is reached first, or until Magellan no longer receives relevant map and traffic data.
 How can I save my iPhone RoadMate Application OneTouch favorites before I update?
  On the OneTouch menu, select the icon of favorites that you want to save.
 Can I adjust the app warnings?
 Go into the main menu, select Settings, scroll down to the Warning section and turn on/off any warning settings you choose. You can also adjust the speed limit warning threshold.
 Do I have to pay to update to v2.0 from a previous Magellan RoadMate iPhone application version?
 No, you do not. The update is free for current users. Just go to your iTunes account on your computer to update your app. The RoadMate application should update and the next time you sync your iPhone with your iTunes account it will update the applicatio
 Can I change the menu language?
 Go into the main menu, select Settings, scroll down to the International section and tap on the Language section to choose English, French, or Spanish.
 Where did my menu and speed boxes on the Map screen disappear to?
 The menu on the map screen is collapsible. You can pull it up again by tapping on the small arrow located on the bottom left hand corner of the screen if you're in Portrait mode or on the bottom right hand corner of the screen if you're in Landscape mode.
 Do I have to pay for the traffic service with the v2.0 app?
 No. Real time traffic is free as long as your iPhone or iPod touch has a Wi-Fi connection or data connectivity.
 Can I change the navigation voice language?
 Go into the main menu, select Settings, scroll down to the International section and tap on the Voice section to select English, French, or Spanish.
 What do the speed boxes display?
 The three boxes that appear in the map screen menu toggle between current speed, estimated time of arrival, amount of time left until reaching destination, heading, and elevation.
 Why do I see advertisements periodically appear on my map screen?
 Magellan is able to provide the Free Traffic Alerts service through periodically bringing you offers we think might interest you.
 How do I play my iPod while the RoadMate application is running?
 The iPod control is set to Off in the menu settings. To turn it on, select the main menu, go to Settings, and tap on the iPod Control On screen on/off switch to toggle it on or off. When you get back to the map screen you will see a small iPod image in
 Why did I lose my OneTouch favorites after I updated to v2.0 from a previous version?
 Unfortunately, if you do not first save your OneTouch favorites before you update, they will not automatically transfer over - you will now have to add them back in manually, sorry.
 How many POI's are in this version of the app?
 App 2.0 has pre-loaded 6 million points of interest. In addition, we have partnered up with Google and Yelp to allow you to directly search their databases and then seamlessly route to any destination you find.
 Why does the message "RoadMate has suspended location tracking to reduce battery drain" appear on my iPhone screen?
 When the RoadMate application senses that it is not in motion it will turn off your GPS to conserve the battery while not in use.
 Can I update to the RoadMate app v2.0 if I have an iPhone 3G or iPod touch 2nd generation?
 iPhone 3G and iPod touch 2nd generation are no longer supported on the latest version 2.0 RoadMate app. Users must upgrade to iOS 4.0 to use that app.
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