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 Do I have the latest software version?
 To verify that you have the latest software please download Content Manager by clicking here. If you have any questions on how to run Content Manager you can visit our Video tutorial
 How do I update my maps/software using Content Manager?
 Note: If you have a MAC computer visit our content manager page by clicking here and follow the instructions after selecting your OS version
 How often do you update maps?
 Magellan strives to provide up to 4 map updates per year.
 How many map updates will I get on lifetime map subscription?
 Lifetime Maps entitles you to receive up to four (4) map updates per year, for the life of the GPS receiver or until Magellan no longer receives relevant map data.
 Why does ContentManager show “No Purchased Features/Content” when I try to download my map subscription?
 The reason this happens is because in order to download or see if a map update is available after you have purchased a map subscription you need to select check for updates, follow the steps below: Turn on your GPS. Wait for the menu to appear
 How many map updates will I get in the one year subscription?
 Up to 4 maps in one year.
 How come I do not get a map update after purchasing a map subscription?
 Upon purchase of your map subscription a new map may or may not be available. Your device may be up to date with the latest available map and there may not be a newer one at the time you are checking since Magellan provides periodically update maps approx
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