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 How do I access the satellite status screen?
 How do I connect my eXplorist® GPS receiver to my PC?
 What is Backtrack and how do I use it on my eXplorist
 How do I create, save, and activate a track on my eXplorist
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 How do I access the USER GRID navigation option
 What is a Route and how do I use it on my eXplorist
 What is Vertical Profile and how do I use it on my eXplorist
 What are Fish/Hunt times and how do I access them on my eXplorsit
 How do I change the navigation fields to show my position in latitude and longitude?
 How to install pocket queries
 How do I set a Geocache or Waypoint as a destination on my eXplorist (also known as “GO TO”)?
 Troubleshooting a Magellan Communicator not found error using Microsoft Internet Explorer
 How do I access the position arrow settings
 How to deactivate the map Auto zoom feature
 How to enable/disable the screen capture mode on my eXplorist?
 How do I configure my eXplorist GPS receiver to output NMEA data?
 How do I download a geocache to my eXplorist GPS receiver?
 How do I access the compass screen?
 How to disable GPS tracking on your eXplorist
 How to change the battery type in my eXplorist GPS receiver?
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