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 Troubleshooting a Magellan Communicator not found error using Microsoft Internet Explorer
  If you'd like to download the PDF version of these instructions click here.
 How to install pocket queries
  Installing Pocket Queries Pocket Queries are custom Geocache queries for premium members that you can have e-mailed to you on a daily or weekly basis from
 How do I connect my eXplorist® GPS receiver to my PC?
 The eXplorist is recognized by your PC as a removable drive similar to a USB flash drive or digital camera. To connect your eXplorist GPS receiver to your PC, perform the following steps: Turn on your eXplorist GPS receiver.
 How do I change the navigation fields to show my position in latitude and longitude?
 The eXplorist GC, 110, and 310 can display latitude and longitude on two screens – the Dashboard or the Map screen with nav fields activated. You can customize the nav fields on the Dashboard screen to display your current position in latitude and longit
 How do I download a geocache to my eXplorist GPS receiver?
 To download geocaches directly from to your eXplorist GPS receiver, perform the following steps: Connect your eXplorist GPS receiver to your PC using the provided USB cable. If
 How do I set a Geocache or Waypoint as a destination on my eXplorist (also known as “GO TO”)?
 The eXplorist GC guides you to a Geocache or Waypoint using a "position to destination line" on the map screen as well as compass option on both the Map and Dashboard screens. The following steps will show you how to access and activate a route on your eX
 How do I access the satellite status screen?
 There is a satellite indicator in the status bar, which is located in the upper right corner of the map screen. When the blue signal bars appear, you have a satellite "fix" or "lock". To see more details about the eXplorist GPS receiver satellite status
 How do I access the compass screen?
 To access the compass as well as other navigation screens, on the eXplorist 510, 610, and 710 models perform the following steps: Tap the map screen to reveal the 4-corners menu items and select the dashboard icon in the upper left corner
 How do I configure my eXplorist GPS receiver to output NMEA data?
 For eXplorist GC 110, and 310 models follow these steps: (NOTE: "ENTER" is performed by pressing down on the Joystick) Press the Menu key. Select Tools. Select Settings. Select
 How do I create, save, and activate a track on my eXplorist
 As you travel, your eXplorist™ automatically creates electronic breadcrumbs to record your movements. These breadcrumbs are temporary waypoints that are displayed on the map screen as dotted lines. The common term for these breadcrumbs is a "track". A tra
 What is Backtrack and how do I use it on my eXplorist
 While navigating the GPS receiver stores a series of electronic points displayed on the map screen as small connecting dots. When the backtrack feature is activated the GPS receiver uses the electronic points to assist you back to your starting point. As
 How to disable GPS tracking on your eXplorist
 This feature is generally used if you are going to be indoors for an extended period of time and want to save battery life by disabling GPS reception. eXplorist GC 110 and 310 models (NOTE: "ENTER" is e
 How to change the battery type in my eXplorist GPS receiver?
 The eXplorist models have 3 different types of battery settings; lithium, alkaline and rechargeable. Make sure you change the setting according to the battery type you are using, To set the unit to the correct battery settings follow the steps below:
 What is a Route and how do I use it on my eXplorist
 A Route is also known as a "Multi-leg Route", a "Point-to-Point Route" or a "Waypoint Route". The easiest way to understand a multi-leg route is that it will guide a user from point A to point B, from point B to point C and so on. An example in the real
 How do I access the position arrow settings
 The position arrow has 2 options: The Smart arrow changes colors when in a route. The colors indicate if you are on course to your waypoint or geocache; green means on course, yellow means off course, and red means you are headin
 How to enable/disable the screen capture mode on my eXplorist?
 To disable/enable this feature, follow the steps below: For eXplorist GC 110, and 310 models (NOTE: "ENTER" is executed by pressing down on the Joystick) Press Back. Select Tools (th
 How to deactivate the map Auto zoom feature
 To disable the eXplorist from automatically setting the map zoom level, follow the steps below eXplorist GC 110,and 310 models (NOTE: "ENTER" is executed by pressing down on the Joystick) Pre
 How do I access the area calculation feature on my gps
 Area Calculation can be accessed from your current track, saved tracks or saved multi waypoint routes. The steps below will walk you through accessing Area Calculation from your current or active track: eXplorist 110, and 310 models
 How do I access the USER GRID navigation option
 The user grid system is a coordinate system mainly used by advanced users that are using the state plane grid coordinate system. The steps below will show you where to access the user grid system eXplorist 110,and 310 models (
 What is Vertical Profile and how do I use it on my eXplorist
 This is a graph profiling the vertical elevation change along routes, saved tacks and your active track. To access this feature follow the steps below: eXplorist 110, and 310 models (NOTE: "ENTER" is performe
 What are Fish/Hunt times and how do I access them on my eXplorsit
 This feature helps you find the most desirable fish/hunt times based on lunar phase data. To access this feature follow the steps below: eXplorist 110, and 310 models (NOTE: "ENTER" is performed by pr
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