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 Summit and City Series Map Download Installation Instructions
  eXplorist X10 Outdoor Map Download Instructions Please make sure your Magellan eXplorist handheld software is up to date before attempting to download any applicable detailed Maps
 How do I download the map to my eXplorist?
 Once you complete the map purchase transaction you will be able to download the purchased map from an e-mail that that we will send to you. Clicking on the link in the email will download a map update wizard application. Save the application to your com
 Do I need a microSD card to load the map? If so, what size do I need?
 Yes, Magellan recommends at least a 4GB class4 microSD card inserted into your eXplorist.
 How do I reload my map if I lose my memory card?
 A record of the customer’s purchase will be tied to the customer’s account. Customers can login to website and download the same map again.
 Is e-mail the only way to get the map or can I download it from your website?
 Customers can download purchased map immediately from the website after they complete the purchase transaction and will also receive an email with a link to download the map to their PC. A record of the customer’s purchase will be tied to the customer’s
 How do I activate the map?
 Follow the steps below; To activate your map Tap the map screen to reveal the 4-corners menu items. Tap the options menu icon in the lower right corner. select the maps option and tap onto detailed maps and sele
 Can I use the downloadable City Series and Summit Series at the same time on my eXplorist 510 or 610?
 Detail maps are activated independently of each other and not at the same time. If a Summit Series map is activated, a user would have to switch activation to another detail map to view it separately.
 What year are the City Series maps from?
 City Series street maps are from generated from 2010 Navteq roads source data.
 What outdoor map has voice guidance?
 The City series map has turn by turn voice guidance.
 Can I use the maps on another GPS?
 No you cannot. Downloadable maps are sold and licensed for only one GPS
 Does the Summit Series map include turn by turn direction for my GPS?
 No, the map that includes turn by turn directions is the City Series Map.
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