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 What is OneTouch?
 The OneTouch feature delivers revolutionary new screen flow and ease of use that is designed to maximize functionality while reducing driver distraction. For the frequent traveler, an example of one benefit of the OneTouch interface is the ability to pre-
 What is Text-to-Speech (TTS) or Spoken Street Names?
 Text-to-Speech (also referred to as "spoken street names") is a feature that announces the street name for the next maneuver.
 How do I turn off the application so it doesn't run in the background?
 If the application is not in an active route it can take up to 2 minutes to turn off after you exit out of it. If you would like to end it during an active route follow these steps: Ttap and hold the RoadMate application icon located in t
 How do I get back my OneTouch menu after updating from a previous version to the latest 1.3.x……?
 To bring back your OneTouch menu you have to turn off the application and restart it. To turn off the application take the following steps: Tap and hold the RoadMate application icon located in the multi-task menu bar on the bottom of yo
 Where can I see my current speed while navigating? (Video Demonstration)
 The current traveling speed is available for display by tapping on the bottom left hand corner of the map screen until the speedometer cycles onto the screen.
 What is the Magellan RoadMate for iPhone application?
 The Magellan RoadMate features full iOS 4 optimization and transforms your iPhone 4, 3GS or 3G into an advanced GPS navigator with real-time traffic alerts and turn-by-turn voice guidance with spoken street names. Experience the same easy-to-use interface
 Why does my music player on my iPhone 4G turn off after 30 seconds when seated in the Premium Car Kit?
 We have discovered through testing that this will happen if the iPhone 4G isn't seated into the cradle properly and securely fastened by pressing down on the locking lip down so the iPhone doesn't wiggle while sitting in the cradle. When the iPhone isn't
 Is it possible to purchase Magellan iPhone accessories through the MagellanGPS website?
 Any accessories needed for your iPhone pertaining to the iPhone RoadMate application will be available for purchase through the MagellanGPS website or by
 Where can I find tutorials showing the key features?
 The Magellan RoadMate app for iPhone tutorials are available on the Magellan website or you can click here.
 Can I get a refund on my application purchase?
 There are no refunds on software. Please see iTunes refunds policy.
 How accurate  is the Traffic updates?
 Traffic data is provided by NAVTEQ. Magellan uses both sets of information, flow and incident. Depending on the users location, data is refreshed every 5 minutes.
 How to I turn off coupons and offers?
 Location based coupons and offers  is one of the most requested features. You will find them during an active route and during a Points of interest search such as gas stations, hotels, or restaurants. To turn the coupon and offer feature off the the follo
 How can I improve the GPS signal to my iPhone?
 In order to improve your signal strength make sure the iPhone has a direct line of sight to the sky without obstructions. If your iPhone is mounted into a cradle, place it in a position that does not violate local laws and has a direct line of sight to t
 What happens if my iPhone freezes?
 You may experience what is known as a soft freeze where the application may stop responding for a fraction of time but then will catch up to your commands. This is due to the processor catching up to all of the iPhone's internal commands. For this type
 How is the GPS signal received?
 The iPhone has an internal GPS antenna that receives the GPS signal for the application to use while routing. The iTouch needs to be connected to the Magellan iPhone Cradle and use the cradle's internal GPS antenna for routing.
 How can I update the maps after I purchase the application?
 Magellan is currently in the process of providing map subscription updates and upgrade solutions. Check back with us soon for more information.
 Where can I find a demo showing how the product works?
 The Magellan RoadMate app for iPhone demo is available on the Magellan website or you can click here.
 Which Apple product will work with the Magellan RoadMate for iPhone application?
 The iPhone 4, 3GS and 3G models are compatible with the RoadMate version 1.3.x. The iPod touch (4th, 3rd & 2nd generation) are compatible with the RoadMate app with use of Magellan’s Premium Car Kit sold separately.
 Where is the best place to mount my iPhone?
 For best GPS reception, the iPhone should be placed high, with a clear view of the sky. Please consult your local laws regarding the mounting of devices near your windshield
 How can I change the volume of the voice commands?
 The Magellan RoadMate app for iPhone volume is controlled by the iPhone's master volume control. If the volume is still too low run the application on your iPhone and follow these steps: From the map screen Tap on the Menu button
 How can I troubleshoot GPS signal issues?
 You can improve GPS signal strength by placing the iPhone in a place with a clear unobstructed view of the sky. If you are using an iPhone cradle with it's own internal GPS antenna, place the cradle in a position with a clear unobstructed view of the sky
 Do I have to pay an additional fee for the traffic alerts?
 The traffic alerts are provided at no additional cost or subscription fees.
 How do I change the Map viewing option from 3D+, 3D, or 2D?
 To change the Map viewing options follow these steps: 1. While on the map screen, tap anywhere on the map 2. Tap on the icon on the lower left hand corner that is labeled either 2D, 3D, or 3D+ to cycle through the different map display options 3. Whe
 How do I retrieve the coupons and offers?
 All recently displayed offers are stored. Go to the Main Menu > Offers. You will see a list of recently shown offers. Simply tab the offer you are interested and it will be saved for future redemption.
 How often do the ads come up?
 While navigating, coupons and offers will appear every 8 minutes for for as duration of 10 seconds each.
 What happens if my application fails to download completely?
 If the download is interrupted at any point during the download process your can re-download through your iTunes account. If you are still having problems downloading the application please contact the iTunes support staff.
 What map regions are available for the Magellan RoadMate app for iPhone application?
 We offer three separate versions of the RoadMate Application. You can purchase the North America version which includes the US 50 States, Canada, and Puerto Rico, or the US version which includes all 50 states or the Canada version includes Canada, Alaska
 Is the application compatible with built-in car Bluetooth speakerphones?
 The RoadMate iPhone application's routing instructions will pass through to any Bluetooth® speaker device the iPhone is paired with.
 Why am I seeing advertisements cycle through my screen?
 Real-time traffic data at no additional cost or subscription fee is made possible through our sponsored partnerships who provide location-based coupons and promotions.
 How often is the traffic data refreshed on the iPhone application?
 The traffic data is refreshed every 5 minutes as long as you are receiving data through the 3G network or a Wi-Fi connection. If there is no 3G or Wi-Fi connection available, the application will display the last available information it received from th
 Where is the music player button?
 Music player feature is now customizable in this version. Users can now not only choose to enable/disable the music player according to their personal preference, they can also choose to 1) fade or 2) pause the audio while in an active route. Here is
 What is the storage space requirement to install the application?
 The application is roughly 1.45GB in size but your iPhone will need 2GB of free memory space in order to download the app onto your iPhone.
 What types of coupons or promotions will I receive?
 The types of coupons and promotions generated are based on your current location and the participating advertisers in that general area.
 Can anyone purchase the Magellan RoadMate app?
 The Magellan RoadMate app is currently available to US and Canadian customers only.
 Will the new RoadMate version 1.3.x provide traffic alerts?
 The new iPhone RoadMate version 1.3.x application will provide traffic alerts as long as you subscribe to a data service plan on your iPhone. Traffic alerts will not work on any iPod touch devices.
 How long will each ad run for?
 Each ad will stay on screen for 10 seconds during a 2 minute advertising cycle.
 Is it possible to hear the last maneuver/instruction advice again?
 The RoadMate iPhone application will allow you to repeat the last navigation instruction given by tapping on the top header information area on the navigation screen.
 What do the different traffic images and colors mean?
 Please see the image below for Traffic Icon definitions.
 How do I turn off the coupons and offers from appearing on the screen?
 To turn the coupons and offers off you will need to turn off the traffic service in the settings menu. To turn traffic off: From the the Main menu, select the settings icon located at the bottom of the screen. Select live tra
 Must I always enter the entire name of city or street? (Video Demonstration)
 The RoadMate app features our highly-acclaimed QuickSpell® with SmartCity Search allowing you to quickly enter portions of addresses into the oversized keyboard, making entry quick and error free.
 Why is my POI Share button grayed out?
 The POI Share button is grayed out because you do not have a default email account set up on your iPhone. To use the POI Sharing feature set up a default email account on your iPhone under email settings..
 What can I do if my application keeps crashing on my iPhone?
 The iPhone may reset from time to time back to the Apple® screen that is due to the demand being put on the iPhone's internal processor. Once the phone is reset it will allow you to select the RoadMate application on your screen. If you were routing to
 How do I turn on the TTS (text-to-speech) feature on the iPhone application?
 To turn on the TTS (text-to-speech) feature on the application follow these steps: Access the settings menu. Scroll down and select the Voice Languages menu setting. From the Voice Language menu select a voice from wit
 Why does my iPhone reset when running the Magellan RoadMate iPhone application?
 If you are running the RoadMate iPhone application on an iPhone 3G 8GB model we recommend not to have the map in 2D mode while in night mode because this has cause the iPhone to reset back to the silver Apple logo screen while it starts back up. To chang
 How do I customize a POI search on the Magellan RoadMate for iPhone application?
 The Magellan RoadMate app for iPhone tutorials are available on the Magellan website or you can click here.
 What is the complete list of features?
 The Magellan RoadMate app for iPhone feature list is available on the Magellan website or you can click here.
 Is the iPhone RoadMate application available for all carriers?
 The iPhone RoadMate application is compatible with the iPhone 4, 3GS and 3G models. Check with your local iPhone provider for official carriers.
 How do I run another task while in an active route?
 If you'd like to run another application such as making a phone call or playing music while the RoadMate application is in an active route take the following steps: Double tap the Home button on your iPhone to bring up the multi-ta
 Does the RoadMate iPhone app announce street names?
 This feature is called TTS (Text-to-Speech) and the RoadMate iPhone app does have this feature. If the application does not announce the street names as you are actively routing take the following steps. 1. Access the Settings menu through the Main Me
 Where can I see the name of the street I am currently driving on? (Video Demonstration)
 The RoadMate iPhone application does not show you the street, highway, freeway, or road you are currently on. It will however display the name of the street, highway, freeway, or road you have to maneuver on to.
 What POI information is available on display?
 The RoadMate iPhone application will display any registered information such as business name, business address, and phone number. You can call the phone number registered in the database by touching the phone icon next to the business phone number.
 Is it possible to enlarge the map shown in the destination dialog?
 Yes. You can easily zoom in and out of the map screen depending on your preference by simply touching the Plus (+) Zoom in or Minus (-) Zoom out icons on the map screen.
 Does the application identify the location of the final destination to being on the left or the right hand side?
 The RoadMate iPhone application will provide verbal instructions as to what side of the road your destination is on.
 Is it possible to listen to music on the iPhone while routing to a destination?
 There are two ways to play music while you are routing to a destination. You can use the multi-tasking feature of the new iOS4 allows or you can play it with in the application itself. To use it as a multi-tasking operation use the following
 Is it possible to see the remaining distance left on my current route?
 The remaining distance left on your current route is available for display by tapping on the bottom left hand corner of the map screen until the distance meter cycles onto the screen.
 Does the RoadMate iPhone app have TTS (Text-to-speech)?
 Text-to-speech is an available feature on the RoadMate iPhone app.
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