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 How can I improve the accuracy of the compass and the position arrow?
 How do I access the area calculation feature on my gps
 How do I access the compass screen?
 How do I access the position arrow settings
 How do I access the satellite status screen?
 How do I access the USER GRID navigation option
 How do I change the navigation data fields?
 How do I change the number of navigation data fields displayed on the map screen?
 How do I configure my eXplorist GPS receiver to output NMEA data?
 How do I connect my eXplorist® GPS receiver to my PC?
 How do I create, save, and activate a track on my eXplorist
 How do I download a geocache to my eXplorist GPS receiver?
 How do I route to a destination with turn-by-turn directions using my eXplorist GPS receiver?
 How do I set a Geocache or Waypoint as a destination on my eXplorist (also known as “GO TO”)?
 How do I set the time on my eXplorist?
 How to change the battery type in my eXplorist GPS receiver?
 How to deactivate the map Auto zoom feature
 How to disable GPS tracking on your eXplorist
 How to enable/disable the screen capture mode on my eXplorist?
 How to install pocket queries
 Troubleshooting a Magellan Communicator not found error using Microsoft Internet Explorer
 What are Fish/Hunt times and how do I access them on my eXplorsit
 What are profiles and how do I set them?
 What is a Route and how do I use it on my eXplorist
 What is Backtrack and how do I use it on my eXplorist
 What is Vertical Profile and how do I use it on my eXplorist
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