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 Does the eXplorist have a backtrack feature?
 All of the eXplorist models have this feature with the exception of the eXplorist GC. eXplorist GC notes NOTE 1: The eXplorist GC has a track feature that allows you to reco
 How do I Download a Geocache to my eXplorist
 To download geocaches directly from to your eXplorist GPS receiver, perform the following steps: Connect your eXplorist GPS receiver to your PC using the provided USB cable. If
 How do I Download a National Geographic Map onto my GPS?
 To download the maps use the following steps: If you have not already done so, Download VantagePoint by clicking here. Open up VantagePoint and under “partners” in the top tool bar select the National Geographic drop down tab.
 My eXplorist will no longer acquire satellites. What can I do?
 The eXplorist GPS receiver tracks signals from satellites orbiting the earth. In order to obtain a GPS position fix, make sure you are outside and have a clear view of the sky. If you are indoors, the GPS may not work unless you are near a large window.
 Does the eXplorist come with a Topographical Map?
 The eXplorist 610 and 710 models come preloaded with Summit Series maps, which contains detailed topographical data.
 Can I get turn-by-turn directions using the eXplorist device?
 The eXplorist 710 has this feature built-in. However, you can purchase a City Series map (click here) for the eXplorist 510 and 610 to enable this feature. Note:
 Is the eXplorist GPS receiver compatible with Microsoft Windows 7 Operating System?
 The eXplorist devices are compatible with Windows 7. Note: If you are looking for NMEA driver support please
 What do hybrid and exclusive options do under “Map Draw Mode’?
 Exclusive setting allows only one type of map to be drawn and hybrid allows two different types of maps to be drawn simultaneously, such as vector and raster. Note: The eXplorist GC does not have this option.
 Can I download additional maps to my eXplorist?
 Magellan does have optional maps available for purchase on our online store. Please click here for compatible models and to view the selection of outdoor maps.
 Does the eXplorist GPS receiver have an external antenna option?
 No. The eXplorist GPS receiver contains a high-sensitivity GPS chipset and multi-directional patch antenna, providing highly accurate GPS reception and quick acquisition times.
 What is the difference between the smart arrow and standard arrow?
 The Smart arrow changes colors when in a route. The colors indicate if you are on course to your waypoint or geocache; green means on course, yellow means off course, and red means you are heading in the wrong direction. To access the current
 Can I view the map from my eXplorist GPS receiver on my PC?
 Yes. You need to download Magellan VantagePoint software by
 Why will my eXplorist not turn off?
 It is possible that Screen Capture has been activated. When the screen capture function is activated the power button, when pressed, will take screen shots of what is currently displayed on the screen. For more information click
 Can I save tracks on my eXplorist?
 All of the eXplorist models can save multiple tracks with the exception of the eXplorist GC which can save one. For more information on tracks click
 Why does the map auto-zoom on it’s own?
 The eXplorist series are equipped with an auto-zoom feature that automatically adjusts the map scale to view both the start and finish points of your destination inside the viewable screen. It also allows you to zoom in or out but after a few seconds it r
 Do the eXplorist units have an option to create a multi destination waypoint routes?
 Yes, all of the eXplorist models have this feature with the exception of the eXplorist GC. For more information on creating a Multi destination waypoint route click
 Does the eXplorist have an SD card reader built in?
 All of the eXplorist models have this feature with the exception of the eXplorist GC, 110 and 310. The devices with the built in card reader support micro SD cards up to 32GB capacity
 How do I back up the maps from my eXplorist GPS?
 You can back up the preloaded background map and or (if applicable detailed map from your eXplorist) 110, 310,510,610 and 710 GPS using VantagePoint which is a free download available from our website by clicking
 How many waypoints, tracks, and routes can my eXplorist GPS receiver store?
 The eXplorist GPS receiver can store up to 2000 waypoints; 200 tracks, each containing up to 10,000 track points; and 200 routes, each containing up to 500 waypoints. Alternatively, you can export waypoints, tracks, and routes to a microSD card to expand
 Does the eXplorist product line have a vertical profile option?
 All of the eXplorist models have this feature with the exception of the eXplorist GC. For information on using Vertical profile click
 Does the eXplorist GPS receiver contain a user grid option?
 All of the eXplorist models have this feature with the exception of the eXplorist GC. For more information on accessing the user grid click
 Does the eXplorist have the ability to calculate square acreage or square area?
 All of the eXplorist models have this feature with the exception of the eXplorist GC. For information on using this feature click
  Do the eXplorist models have Hunt and Fish Calendar or Sun and Moon rise time information?
 Yes all of the eXplorist models have these features with the exception of the eXplorist GC. For more information on fish hunt time feature click
 What is NMEA?
 The National Marine Electronics Association (NMEA) developed the specification that defines the interface between various pieces of marine electronic equipment. This standard permits marine electronics to send information to computers and to other marine
 How can I ensure the battery status is accurate on my eXplorist GPS receiver?
 The eXplorist series GPS units have a Battery Type selection option that allows you to maximize battery life when using different types of batteries. If this option is not set to the correct battery type, the battery status indicator will not be accurate
 What does "active track not available" mean on the altimeter screen?
 The altimeter screen uses your active track to provide elevation information. If you have cleared your track history, then the altimeter cannot provide any elevation information.
 What is the map scale of the Summit Series United States topographic map?
 The map scale of Summit Series United States is 1:24,000 scale or better. The source data is provided by AccuTerra™ and contour lines are derived from a digital elevation model of 30-meters horizontal resolution. Road and trail data is collected using a
 Where can I find a detailed user manual for my eXplorist GPS receiver?
 Both digital and printed user manuals are available online. Printed manuals can be purchased for a small shipping & handling fee. Please
 Can I use rechargeable batteries in my eXplorist GPS receiver and will the device charge them?
 Yes. Rechargeable batteries can be used, but the device will not charge them.
 How long is the battery life on my eXplorist GPS?
 Using alkaline batteries, Battery life will last up to 18 hours for eXplorsit GC,110, and 310 and up to 15 Hours for eXplorist 510,610 and 710. Various factors can impact battery life, including but not limited to how much time it is used out of suspend m
 What is a track?
 A track is a series of marked, geo-coded points along any route you travel. Your eXplorist GPS receiver automatically records these points at timed or geographic intervals.
 How do I cancel a route?
 Tap the map screen to reveal the 4-corners menu items, tap the options menu in the lower right, then scroll and select "Cancel Route".
 Can the eXplorist GPS receiver play MP3 music files?
 No. The eXplorist GPS receiver has a multimedia application that records and plays sound files, but not MP3 music files.
 How many geocaches can my eXplorist GPS receiver store?
 The eXplorist GPS receiver can store up to 10,000 paperless geocaches.
 How do I edit a saved OneTouch button?
 Tap the map screen to reveal the 4-corners menu items. Tap the OneTouch icon in the upper right corner of the screen. Tap and hold any icon in the OneTouch menu screen to edit.
 What is OneTouch™?
 Magellan's award winning OneTouch™ favorites menu has been available on our vehicle navigation devices for a year and is now available on eXplorist GPS receivers. It provides instant access to bookmarks of your favorite places, nearest searches, and soft
 How can I adjust the camera settings on my eXplorist GPS receiver?
 Tap the map screen to reveal the 4-corners menu items. Tap the main menu icon in the lower left corner of the screen. Tap the media icon, then tap the setting icon in the lower right corner of the screen.
 Which eXplorist GPS receiver comes with vehicle navigation turn-by-turn routing?
 The eXplorist 710 comes preloaded with City Series, a vehicle navigation map that provides turn-by-turn directions. City Series can also be purchased separately to add turn-by-turn directions to the eXplorist 510 or eXplorist 610.
 Do I need a memory card to load a National Geocgraphic map onto my GPS?
 No, you do not need a memory card to load a map however some compatible models have memory limitations please consult your users manual for form information.
 What GPS models are compatible with National Geographic maps?
 The following models are compatible with National Geographic Maps: eXplorist 310 NA eXplorist 510 NA eXplorist 610 US eXplorist 610 CA
 Why can I not see the map at all map scales on my GPS?
 Depending on what detail level you have selected the Map may not appear at all map scales of your GPS. The resolution will vary. For 1:100K is it will be viewable from 2 mi to ¼ mi and for 1:24k will be viewable from ½ mi to 300ft
 What is the largest size map I can download at one time?
 You can download up to 500MB of maps in one day.
 How many devices can I load maps to?
 You can only load maps to one compatible Magellan receiver per subscription.
 Why are there National Geographic labels everywhere on my map?
 The watermarks appear when a subscription has not yet been purchased. Once a Subscription is purchased these watermarks will cease to appear.
 What is the highest resolution map I can download?
 National Geographic maps are available in 1:100K scale or 1:24K scale or you can load them separately or both scales of a particular area at the same time.
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