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  Do the eXplorist models have Hunt and Fish Calendar or Sun and Moon rise time information?
 Can I download additional maps to my eXplorist?
 Can I get turn-by-turn directions using the eXplorist device?
 Can I save tracks on my eXplorist?
 Can I use rechargeable batteries in my eXplorist GPS receiver and will the device charge them?
 Can I view the map from my eXplorist GPS receiver on my PC?
 Can the eXplorist GPS receiver play MP3 music files?
 Do I need a memory card to load a National Geocgraphic map onto my GPS?
 Do the eXplorist units have an option to create a multi destination waypoint routes?
 Does the eXplorist come with a Topographical Map?
 Does the eXplorist GPS receiver contain a user grid option?
 Does the eXplorist GPS receiver have an external antenna option?
 Does the eXplorist have a backtrack feature?
 Does the eXplorist have an SD card reader built in?
 Does the eXplorist have the ability to calculate square acreage or square area?
 Does the eXplorist product line have a vertical profile option?
 How can I adjust the camera settings on my eXplorist GPS receiver?
 How can I ensure the battery status is accurate on my eXplorist GPS receiver?
 How do I back up the maps from my eXplorist GPS?
 How do I cancel a route?
 How do I Download a Geocache to my eXplorist
 How do I Download a National Geographic Map onto my GPS?
 How do I edit a saved OneTouch button?
 How long is the battery life on my eXplorist GPS?
 How many devices can I load maps to?
 How many geocaches can my eXplorist GPS receiver store?
 How many waypoints, tracks, and routes can my eXplorist GPS receiver store?
 Is the eXplorist GPS receiver compatible with Microsoft Windows 7 Operating System?
 My eXplorist will no longer acquire satellites. What can I do?
 What do hybrid and exclusive options do under “Map Draw Mode’?
 What does "active track not available" mean on the altimeter screen?
 What GPS models are compatible with National Geographic maps?
 What is a track?
 What is NMEA?
 What is OneTouch™?
 What is the difference between the smart arrow and standard arrow?
 What is the highest resolution map I can download?
 What is the largest size map I can download at one time?
 What is the map scale of the Summit Series United States topographic map?
 Where can I find a detailed user manual for my eXplorist GPS receiver?
 Which eXplorist GPS receiver comes with vehicle navigation turn-by-turn routing?
 Why are there National Geographic labels everywhere on my map?
 Why can I not see the map at all map scales on my GPS?
 Why does the map auto-zoom on it’s own?
 Why will my eXplorist not turn off?
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