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 Is it possible to purchase Magellan iPhone accessories through the MagellanGPS website?
 Any accessories needed for your iPhone pertaining to the iPhone RoadMate application will be available for purchase through the MagellanGPS website or by
 Is the ToughCase compatible with the I-Phone 4?
 The Tough case is not compatible with the I-Phone 4 or I-Touch 4th generation.
 How long does it take to charge my ToughCase?
 Reminder when charging the ToughCase, make sure the internal GPS antenna is switched off Using an Apple USB Power Adaptor: With ToughCase battery discharged to 25% or less, it will take approximately 3 to 4 hours to charge the Tou
 Can I replace the Battery?
 No the battery is not replaceable.
 I'm not getting any audio out of my TouchCase's headphone jack
 Some oversize 3.5mm earphone plugs prevent the connector contacts from seating properly in the ToughCase earphone socket, resulting in a lost channel or no- or low-audio output. If you are using headphones with this type of plug you will need to obtain an
 Will the Tough case charge my phone?
 Yes it will.
 Why does the red light not come on sometimes when i connect external power?
 This may happen if the ToughCase internal battery is extremely low. Once it has sufficient charge the red power led will come on.
 How do I charge my ToughCase?
 You can charge it using either your I-Phone Power supply using the provided USB cable or connect it to your PC.
 Can I charger both the Toughcase and my I-Phone/Touch at the same time?
 Yes, when connected to external power both will simultaneously charge.
 How Waterproof is the ToughCase?
 The ToughCase is IPX-7 waterproof rated and this means it can be splashed or rained on but not taken to a depth of more than 1 meter.
 What is the accuracy of the GPS in the ToughCase?
 When receiving WAAS it will be up to 3 meters accurate to a saved landmark.
 Where can I Purchase a Power adapter to charge my ToughCase?
 You can purchase a power adapter from the apple store.
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