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 Can I undock the iPhone from the Premium Car Kit and keep my Bluetooth® connection?
 Can I use the Premium Car Kit without the vehicle power adapter?
 Can you run a cassette adapter out of the headphones jack while the iPhone is connected to the car kit? Would it work exactly like the aux cable?
 How can I connect the Premium Car Kit to my stereo?
 How do I control the volume on the cradle?
 How do I remove the iPhone or iPod touch from the Car Kit once it has been installed?
 How do I secure my iPhone or iPod touch in the cradle?
 How does the Premium Car Kit’s aux output work?
 How will the Premium Car Kit improve my GPS signal?
 Is it possible to purchase Magellan iPhone accessories through the MagellanGPS website?
 Is the Premium Car Kit compatible with other iPhone GPS apps?
 Is the Premium Car Kit compatible with the iPod touch? (Video Demonstration)
 What happens when I get a call while in app?
 What is the blue LED light?
 What is the function of the LED status indicator light?
 What is the functionality of the BlueTooth Multi-Function button? (Video Demonstration)
 When installing the iPhone or iPod touch into the Car Kit which way should the screen face?
 Where is the speaker located?
 Why do I receive a message saying "This accessory is not made to work with iPhone?"
 Why does my music player on my iPhone 4G turn off after 30 seconds when seated in the Premium Car Kit?
 Why doesn't my iPod touch receive a GPS signal when docked in the cradle?
 Will the cradle automatically connect to a BlueTooth® device that it has been paired with before?
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