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 Why does my music player on my iPhone 4G turn off after 30 seconds when seated in the Premium Car Kit?
 We have discovered through testing that this will happen if the iPhone 4G isn't seated into the cradle properly and securely fastened by pressing down on the locking lip down so the iPhone doesn't wiggle while sitting in the cradle. When the iPhone isn't
 Is it possible to purchase Magellan iPhone accessories through the MagellanGPS website?
 Any accessories needed for your iPhone pertaining to the iPhone RoadMate application will be available for purchase through the MagellanGPS website or by
 What is the functionality of the BlueTooth Multi-Function button? (Video Demonstration)
 With BlueTooth connected Tap button to accept incoming call Press and hold button for longer than 1 second to reject call Tap button two times consecutively to
 What is the function of the LED status indicator light?
 Without Power LED indicator light will be off Cradle is powered with BlueTooth paired A solid colored LED means the phone and t
 Why do I receive a message saying "This accessory is not made to work with iPhone?"
 The Magellan Premium Car Kit has been tested and certified by Apple. This message does not appear under normal conditions. However, according to Apple the message may appear if the doc connector is obstructed or it is not making complete contact with all
 How does the Premium Car Kit’s aux output work?
 Music and navigation audio can be heard through both the Car and Premium Car Kit speakers. Users who prefer to have only car audio will need to lower the volume manually to mute on their Premium Car Kit. In respect, due to the fact that the Aux Output doe
 Is the Premium Car Kit compatible with the iPod touch? (Video Demonstration)
 Yes. The Premium Car Kit is compatible with the iPod Touch.  Simply purchase a navigation or location-based app (sold separately) and take advantage of the built-in GPS receiver.
 How do I control the volume on the cradle?
 Once the iPhone is paired with the cradle then the main audio control on the iPhone is no longer activated. You can control audio using the volume control on the left hand side of the cradle. To further increase the volume you can disconnect the BlueToo
 Why doesn't my iPod touch receive a GPS signal when docked in the cradle?
 The built-in GPS receiver requires power from the VPA (Vehicle Power Adapter) to receive a GPS signal.
 How will the Premium Car Kit improve my GPS signal?
 The Magellan Premium Car Kit includes a built-in Global Positioning System (GPS) Receiver which enhances the GPS signal providing a more accurate and reliable navigation experience.
 How can I connect the Premium Car Kit to my stereo?
 If your car stereo has an AUX input, you can easily connect the audio output from the Premium Car Kit to your car stereo using a stereo 3.5mm to 3.5mm cable (sold separately).
 Can you run a cassette adapter out of the headphones jack while the iPhone is connected to the car kit? Would it work exactly like the aux cable?
 If the cassette adapter will take a 3.5mm headphone audio input it will work with the AUX output of the Premium Car Kit. The Premium Car Kit audio output is a standard 3.5mm stereo audio line output that has the same configuration as a stereo headphone ja
 Is the Premium Car Kit compatible with other iPhone GPS apps?
 Yes. The Magellan Car Kit works with most GPS navigation or location based apps.
 How do I remove the iPhone or iPod touch from the Car Kit once it has been installed?
 Release the retaining arm that holds your device in place. Press and hold the release button located on the upper right hand side (if you the front of the cradle is facing you), while holding down the release button slide the retaining arm up. Now you ca
 Will the cradle automatically connect to a BlueTooth® device that it has been paired with before?
 Yes. The premium Car Kit will re-connect automatically to a previously paired BlueTooth-enabled device.
 Where is the speaker located?
 The Premium Car Kit amplified speaker is located at the bottom of the cradle.
 How do I secure my iPhone or iPod touch in the cradle?
 There is an adjustment block located at the top of the cradle with a knob (located in the back of the cradle) that will push the block forward creating a snug fit inside the cradle. To adjust further, remove your device from the cradle, pull the adjustme
 What is the blue LED light?
 A flashing blue light indicates that the power is connected and Bluetooth® is waiting to be connected to a phone. A solid blue light indicates that the Bluetooth® has been connected.
 Can I undock the iPhone from the Premium Car Kit and keep my Bluetooth® connection?
 Yes. After initially connecting your iPhone to the Premium Car Kit, you can easily undock the iPhone without losing your Bluetooth® connection.
 Can I use the Premium Car Kit without the vehicle power adapter?
 No. The Premium Car Kit must be connected to the vehicle power adapter to function.
 When installing the iPhone or iPod touch into the Car Kit which way should the screen face?
 The device screen should be facing you when installing it into the cradle.
 What happens when I get a call while in app?
 When you receive a call while in app, you will be able to answer or reject a call normally. After ending the call, the Magellan app will automatically restart to guide you to your destination.
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