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 After completing the update, is there anything I need to do before using my device?
 Yes, you must reset your GPS after inserting the SD map card. Perform a hard reset by pressing a paper clip or similar object into the hole marked “Reset". Or, on some units, use the Reset switch on the left side of the unit. Turn the Reset switch off and
 What is a CrossoverGPS Conversion?
 This update includes a FREE CrossoverGPS Conversion which gives your Magellan RoadMate 2200T the same Outdoor and Marine navigation capabilities as the Magellan CrossoverGPS. An unlock code to access these features is included with your update. Use option
 Does the Map Data SD card have to be in the device in order to see the new maps?
 Yes, the Map Data SD card must remain inserted into the device at all times in order to access the new maps. Do not remove the SD card while navigating or operating your GPS; this may cause damage to your unit.
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