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 Why does my RoadMate 1470/1700 unit freeze after the low battery error appears when I have the CoPilot Map Software installed?
 When using CoPilot Truck on your Magellan RoadMate GPS device, the low battery warning indicator feature will no longer function in the way described in Magellan’s user manual. If a low battery warning message is displayed:
 Can I import additional custom Poi’s (Points of Interest) into CoPilot Truck?
 Additional custom Points of interest can be added into the CoPilot software. You will need an .ov2 format file or a .csv file with, at minimum, columns for a POI name, latitude, and longitude in decimal degree format. Copy the files to the folder /copilot
 How to power off your Magellan RoadMate GPS device when using CoPilot Truck navigation software?
 Note: Once you have inserted the CoPilot Truck memory card into the memory card slot of your Magellan RoadMate GPS device, you’ll find that your device no longer switches off in the way described in Magellan’s user manual.
 I am having problems with my GPS, how do I know if it is something to do with my CoPilot software or the Magellan GPS unit itself?
 What you can do if you suspect or are experiencing performance issues are 1. Turn off the Magellan GPS receiver and remove the CoPilot Truck Micro SD card. 2. Turn the GPS device back on and if the same problem persists then it may be an issue
 Which models are currently compatible with the CoPilot Trucking Software?
 Currently, only the Magellan RoadMate 1470 and RoadMate 1700 devices are compatible with the software.
 Why does my GPS does not show a maneuver list after selecting a destination
 To see the maneuver list after selecting a destination, click menu -> plan or edit trip. On the plan or edit trip screen, select calculate. The current position used will be the last known location. Select preview to view turn maps, an itinerary, or a rou
 Why is my ETA not correct using CoPilot Turck Map Software?
 There was an issue in that if you have shut down the GPS you would need to reset the Time Zone setting under Settings which affected ETA times. This issue has since been resolved by way of a download patch which can be downloaded from the software develop
 Can I transfer my address book from Magellan into CoPilot Truck?
 No. The Magellan address book cannot be transferred into CoPilot Truck
 Is my Co-Pilot Truck Software transferable to another unit?
 The Magellan Co-Pilot Trucking Software is transferable to any compatible unit. Currently only the Magellan RoadMate 1470 and 1700 GPS receivers are compatible with the Co-Pilot Trucking Software.
 Does CoPilot Truck include Text To Speech?
 Yes, TTS is available in 3 voices with an American accent, and 3 voices with an English accent. Spanish and French voices do not speak street names.
 Do I need to update my Magellan software to make CoPilot Truck work?
 No. A software update is not required for compatible models. The currently compatible models in the RoadMate 1470 and 1700
 Can I return my Magellan Co-Pilot Truck Software?
 The Co-Pilot Trucking software is a non-returnable item unless it is exchanged for the exactly same item due to it being deemed deffective. For further clarification on our software return policy please refer to Warranty, Repairs, and Returns web page by
 Does ALK use Navteq Map data?
 No. The CoPilot Trucking software includes a unique database.For more information visit or call 408 916 9128
 Can I transfer AAA POI’s (Points of Interest) into CoPilot Truck?
 No. The Magellan AAA database cannot be transferred into the CoPilot Turcking software
 I am missing some addresses and/or experiencing some routing problems, does the application use Magellan or CoPilot maps?
 The CoPilot software uses its own map database, for assistance on map and routing with CoPilot Truck software contact
 Does CoPilot Truck support Voice recognition?
 CoPilot Truck software does not currently support this feature.
 Does CoPilot Truck Cover Canada?
 CoPilot Truck Map Software covers the US 50 States, Puerto Rico, and Canada.
 Does CoPilot Truck for Magellan have a Bluetooth option available?
 CoPilot Truck software does not currently support Bluetooth.
 Does CoPilot have a previous destinations option?
 Yes. To access, press Menu, select Destination, then press the > arrow and you will see the “recent” icon
 Does CoPilot Cover PR and HI and AK?
 CoPilot Truck Map Software covers the US 50 States, Puerto Rico, and Canada.
 Will I be able to use the Magellan Traffic Option when using CoPilot Truck?
 No. The optional Traffic Kit for Magellan products cannot be used in conjunction with CoPilot Truck software
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