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 Can I import additional custom Poi’s (Points of Interest) into CoPilot Truck?
 Can I return my Magellan Co-Pilot Truck Software?
 Can I transfer AAA POI’s (Points of Interest) into CoPilot Truck?
 Can I transfer my address book from Magellan into CoPilot Truck?
 Do I need to update my Magellan software to make CoPilot Truck work?
 Does ALK use Navteq Map data?
 Does CoPilot Cover PR and HI and AK?
 Does CoPilot have a previous destinations option?
 Does CoPilot Truck Cover Canada?
 Does CoPilot Truck for Magellan have a Bluetooth option available?
 Does CoPilot Truck include Text To Speech?
 Does CoPilot Truck support Voice recognition?
 How to power off your Magellan RoadMate GPS device when using CoPilot Truck navigation software?
 I am having problems with my GPS, how do I know if it is something to do with my CoPilot software or the Magellan GPS unit itself?
 I am missing some addresses and/or experiencing some routing problems, does the application use Magellan or CoPilot maps?
 Is my Co-Pilot Truck Software transferable to another unit?
 Which models are currently compatible with the CoPilot Trucking Software?
 Why does my GPS does not show a maneuver list after selecting a destination
 Why does my RoadMate 1470/1700 unit freeze after the low battery error appears when I have the CoPilot Map Software installed?
 Why is my ETA not correct using CoPilot Turck Map Software?
 Will I be able to use the Magellan Traffic Option when using CoPilot Truck?
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