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 Why do we charge customers for map updates?
 Making quality GPS devices takes many people many hours of work with many technologies. We’re also charged fees by our map providers. Map update charges help us cover our costs and royalties to map providers. We can also give you the best map data availab
 How can I tell if my Maestro needs the Magellan map update?
 Follow the steps below: 1. Select "user options" 2. Scroll down the menu and select “Map information". Under map information, look for “Detailed map NavStreets version" and if the number is lower than 31 then you need a map update.
 Why are there 2 DVDs in the Magellan 2008/2009 Map Update for the Maestro series?
 DVD 1 is for Maestro series models 3200, 3210 3220, 3225, 3250, 4200, 4210, 4220, and 4250. DVD 2 is for Maestro series models 3100, 3140, 4000, 4040, and 4050. Note: only one GPS model can be updated per update package
 The Magellan 2008/2009 Map update instructions say I may need an SD card to update my Maestro 4000 ,4040 or 4050. How can I tell if I need an SD card?
 Answer: An SD card is required if your GPS has a Firmware version lower than 2.36 To check if you need an SD card, follow the steps below: 1. Select "user options" 2. Under user options select "system settings" 3. Select "next" 4. Select "Product
 Will my AAA Points of Interest (POIs) be updated on the 2008/2009Map Update?
 No. The Magellan 2008/2009 Map Update only updates map data.
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