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 Do I need to keep the SD card in the GPS at all times?
 Answer: Yes the SD Card must be kept in the GPS because some of the map data is stored on the SD card as well as the internal memory of the unit.
 How do I know if my Maestro/RoadMate is using the new maps from the SD card?
 Answer: To see if the GPS is reading maps from the SD card follow the steps below: 1. Select “Menu" 2. Select “User Options" 3. Scroll down and select “Map Information" 4. Under map information you should see the number 37 near detailed street info
 How can I tell if my Maestro needs the Magellan map update?
 Follow the steps below: 1. Select "user options" 2. Scroll down the menu and select “Map information". Under map information, look for “Detailed map NavStreets version" and if the number is lower than 31 then you need a map update.
 My GPS is not reading the SD card what do I do?
 Answer: Power on your unit and locate your reset button and press it using a small object pen or paper clip. The GPS should restart and show the progress bar moving from left to right once it has restarted. Follow the steps below to ensure your GPS
 How does this 2009 Spring Map Update SD Card affect performance of my GPS?
 Users of the Magellan Maestro series may notice a slightly longer time for searches and route calculations due to the fact that the device is now searching the database stored in an external memory card rather than the internal memory.
 What position should the SD card lock/unlock position be kept in?
 Answer: The switch should be in the unlocked or up position.
 What year is the Map and POI (Points of interest) database from?
  Answer: The Map and POI database info is below 2009 Spring Map Update Detailed Map=DB37 or Q1-09 AAA Database= Version 7 Basic POI Database=DB37 or Q1-09 Extended POI database=DB35 or Q3-08
 How does this SD Card affect Backup and Restore?
 Answer: For the Magellan Maestro series, the data will be stored on the 2009 Map Upgrade SD Card. Any restored data must be copied onto this SD Card before using the Restore feature.
 I have a Compatible Maestro/Roadmate that has Canadian coverage and live in Canada. How can I get the 2009 spring map update for it?
 Answer: Canadian customers can purchase the 2009 map update from the Magellan website. You can also search for online retailers carrying the map update as well
 My GPS does not have AAA features, will it be able to use the AAA on the SD Card
 Answer: No. Your GPS device must have the AAA TourBook feature in order to access the AAA database.
 Will I lose any of my address book or trip data?
 Answer: The 2009 Map Upgrade does not alter the address book and trip data which is stored in internal memory and not on the SD Card.
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