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 Do I need to keep the SD card in the GPS at all times?
 How do I know if my Maestro/RoadMate is using the new maps from the SD card?
 How does this 2009 Spring Map Update SD Card affect performance of my GPS?
 How does this SD Card affect Backup and Restore?
 I have a Compatible Maestro/Roadmate that has Canadian coverage and live in Canada. How can I get the 2009 spring map update for it?
 My GPS does not have AAA features, will it be able to use the AAA on the SD Card
 My GPS is not reading the SD card what do I do?
 What position should the SD card lock/unlock position be kept in?
 What year is the Map and POI (Points of interest) database from?
 Will I lose any of my address book or trip data?
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