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 What is the USB port used for?
 The USB port is used to transfer data from a compatible PC to the GPS receiver for potential future software updates and installing custom POIs on compatible units. On some compatible products the USB port will also serve as a power plug when a compatibl
 Why do we charge customers for map updates?
 Making quality GPS devices takes many people many hours of work with many technologies. We’re also charged fees by our map providers. Map update charges help us cover our costs and royalties to map providers. We can also give you the best map data availab
 What do I need to obtain warranty repair service?
 For warranty repair Magellan requires a valid proof of purchase in the form of a purchase sales receipt. If you do not have the purchase receipt we will accept a copy of a credit card statement showing the store it was purchased from, date item was purcha
 Are printed manuals available for purchase?
 At this moment we are not offering printed manuals for sale. We are looking into a 3rd party company that can provide our customers with this service. When it becomes available we will update this page as well as the individual owners manual pages with
 Are USB 2.0 cables compatible with our products?
 Our products will work with any mini-USB 2.0 cable. You can use most mini-USB cables that were included with your cell phone or digital camera to transfer data such as map updates or software updates on to your GPS receiver. You can also purchase one fr
 Can I use my computer to transfer addresses to my Magellan GPS receiver?
 At this time addresses have to be keyed directly into the unit.
 Can I charge my GPS receiver using my computer?
 If your GPS receiver has power pin port and a USB port the internal battery cannot be charged using your computer. You must use the supplied vehicle power adapter to charge the receiver's internal battery. If your GPS receiver only contains a USB port
 How do I charge the GPS receiver's battery?
 The internal battery can be charged using the supplied vehicle power adapter. Full battery charge takes 4 - 6 hours. The unit can be powered on or off while charging.
 How to troubleshoot no power problems
 If your RoadMate won’t charge or power up, check the following: Power cable is correctly inserted into the cradle. Power adapter is properly inserted into the DC outlet. GPS device is properly seated in its cradle, and power
 How do I report a mapping error?
 Report incorrect routes, missing addresses, or anything else that seems off at Note: This reporting tool is run and managed by TeleAtlas. TeleAtlas provides maps for Magellan GPS device
 My Magellan RoadMate 800 displays a blue screen and it is frozen. How do I fix it?
 On rare occasions a few customers have experienced screen lock on their Magellan RoadMate 800. There’s an easy fix for this. We have a small recovery patch that you can download by
 How do I enter an address for my GPS?
 Watch this video to learn how to enter an address for your Magellan RoadMate 700, 760, 800, 860T, 3000T, 3050T, 6000T, 2000, 2200T or CrossoverGPS.
 What's my product's battery information?
 I can not find an address.
 Map data for the Magellan RoadMate vehicle navigation series is supplied by one of two Map Data providers (NAVTEQ or TeleAtlas). Customers can report discrepancies such as missing addresses, missing roads, etc. by visiting our Map Feedback page. You can
 What other factors affect the accuracy of my unit?
 Other factors limiting the accuracy of GPS include but are not limited to atmospheric distortion and multi-path. Increased atmospheric distortion can be caused by periods of high solar flux/activity. Multi-path is the reception of two signals from the sam
 Can I replace the Lens?
 No the lens at the case door cannot be replaced.
 How do I install the Magellan sun shade accessory?
 1. Take metal clip with grips and slide it into the sun shade. 2. Align metal clip with open notches in sun shade. 3. Rotate clip forward toward the Magellan logo until it snaps in place. 4. Slide shade down onto the front of GPS device with cli
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