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 How do I update my maps/software?
 To check that you have the latest map for your device: Connect your device to your computer using a USB cable. Log into with your Magellan GPS account. Click on the *Update *tab. Click *Download *if
 I have a unit with Lifetime Maps yet content manager is still displaying the “Buy” button. How do I update the maps on my unit?
 Tech Bulletin: Sometimes the software loaded onto our computers may interfere with Content Manager’s ability to reach out to our servers and update your account with accurate information. Please try the following steps to get your unit updated:
 How to troubleshoot no power problems
 If your RoadMate won’t charge or power up, check the following: Power cable is correctly inserted into the cradle. Power adapter is properly inserted into the DC outlet. GPS device is properly seated in its cradle, and power
 How do I repair my product?
 Magellan’s Return/Refund policy only applies to products from the Magellan website or phone order. Map downloads, subscriptions, and opened software are not refundable. You’ll need a Return Authorization to receive a refund. Go to
 Why doesn’t my device track satellites?
 If your device won’t track or receive satellites even with a clear view of the sky and remaining still for 5 minutes, signal-reset your device by: Select reset option OR slide and hold the slide switch in OFF position for 5 seconds. P
 How do I report a mapping error?
 Report incorrect routes, missing addresses, or anything else that seems off at Note: This reporting tool is run and managed by TeleAtlas. TeleAtlas provides maps for Magellan GPS device
 Are there any software updates available for my GPS unit?
 To obtain the latest software and map updates please use Content Manager. Content Manager provides you with the fastest and easiest way to get these critical updates that allow your Magellan GPS to function at its best. To download please visit: http:/
 My eXplorist will no longer acquire satellites. What can I do?
 The eXplorist GPS receiver tracks signals from satellites orbiting the earth. In order to obtain a GPS position fix, make sure you are outside and have a clear view of the sky. If you are indoors, the GPS may not work unless you are near a large window.
 Are the Triton Series MAC compatible?
 No, the Magellan Triton series are not MAC compatible.
 How do I update my RoadMate 5202-LM maps?
  Go to Log in with your MagellanGPS account (or create a new one). Connect your device to your PC once you’ve logged in. SmartGPS Eco will recognize your device and notify you of any relevant updat
 Can I manually record specific segments of a trip as needed?
 Your device can’t record specific trip segments. It only records video until video is locked after an incident, or after video has been manually locked in the menu. Your memory card will eventually become full if you save segments of a trip an
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