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 eXplorist 500LE - NA Software Version 2.03
  1. BlueNav XL3 support for both North America and Europe

  2. Updated Tides & Currents algorythm

  3. Improved Language Support

  4. Added card utilities to Advance Features

  5. Improved alarm backlight functionality

  6. Added Save As to the Mark function

  7. Used same datum transformation as eXploristXL and MobileMapper

  8. Added waypoint projection

  9. Modified the default USB mode from Power Only to File Transfer Mode

  10. Updated text strings for localization issues

  11. Made GPS performance improvements

  12. Added option to turnoff geocache and waypoint names to MapSetup

  13. Find geocache by date/time stamping

  14. List “found” caches

  15. Added show / hide found caches option

  16. Added point-to-point routing option to the reroute menu when using Direct Route

  17. ID/Name Cache Sorting Ability

  18. Improved Keyword Search to handle new language support

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