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 eXplorist XL - EU Software Version 1.55
  1. German grid fix regarding accuracy of position
  2. New Swedish grid for SWEREF99
  3. New SD Card management :
    • Main Menu changed to move Map selection easier to access,
    • Map selection Title changed from “active setup" to “active map"

    • Auto-detect on Plug in/out SD Card and popup menu to propose detail map selection
    • SD-card folders not anymore renamed (from original English)
  4. Communication screen modified to add configuration between (USB and serial) for usage of new NMEA accessory cable
  5. New navigation screens added :
    • NAV screen
    • SPEED screen
    • TIME screen
    • LARGE FONT screen
    • Option in Preferences to select/deselect each of the navigation screens

  6. VMG (velocity made good) added to information selected on configurable fields

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