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 Triton 300 - NA Version 1.94
  • Access to Main Menu and Contextual menu - The ability to access the Main Menu (Go To, Create, View) and Contextual Menu from any Navigation Page


  • Improved Track Management - The ability to Start, Stop, Resume Track from the contextual menu


  • Improved Route Management - The ability to Go To Next or Go To Previous point while in an active route
  • User Grid Coordinate System (Based on Additional Coordinate Systems) - Added customizable User Grid functionality based on additional coordinate system, including Lambert Conic, Stereograph, Oblique Mercator, UTM, and Polyconic


  • Area Calculation - The ability to calculate an area based on active track, saved trails, and saved routes


  • Set Custom Position - Set Custom Position provides a way to view map areas other then your present position. When setting a custom position, the GPS portion of the receiver is disabled and the screen is set to the location you select, either by entering the coordinates or by panning on the map

    Custom Position

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