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 Magellan Cyclo Points of Interest Update
Description This update includes the latest local points of interest for your Cyclo unit including bike shops, cafes, pubs and other general services.


1. Download and extract POI update folder
2. Connect your Magellan Cyclo 315/505 using the included USB cable and open Magellan_System folder in Windows Explorer
3. Open the folder in the Magellan_System folder called "Dodge"
4. Open the folder in the Dodge folder called "Map"
5. Using Windows Explorer you will need to search the for the term "tapoi" inside Map folder
6. The search should result in 54 files found with "tapoi" in the file name
7. Delete the 54 files found on your Cyclo device. They will be replaced with the updated files.
8. Copy new files from the POI update folder into the folder called "Tele Atlas" inside the "Map" folder of your Cyclo device
9. Disconnect your device and restart
10. Check for Bike POI by going into Navigate/POI/Bike Shops and you will see local bike shop listings

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