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 Switch Series - Manual Software Update Version 3508

Switch Series - Manual Software Update

NOTE: The best way to update your device is to use the Magellan Active widget found below or go to the Magellan Active site and have the wizard perform the update for you. However, if you are having any problems with the widget or the site and would rather update your device manually please download the PDF instructions below and follow them very carefully.

User Warning: This device software update will clear your user settings and activity history. Please upload your activities before upgrading. For instructions on how to backup and restore your settings and history, please reference the following knowledge base article: How to Backup and Restore your Settings and History for Switch Series devices.

Switch Series - Manual Software Update - Installation Instructions

Click here to download the installation instructions in PDF format.

Switch Series - Software Update Improvements List

To view a complete list of improvements by software version number click here.

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