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 Maestro 4370 - Software Version 8.3.2
Description This update applies to the Magellan Maestro 4350 and 4370 devices. It includes the following enhancements, fixes, and improvements:


  • Ding sound is played before each maneuver (i.e., right turn, left turn, and u-turn).
  • Side of the street is announced when you are approaching or reach your destination. (e.g., “destination on the left")
POI search
  • New POI categorization (Important Note: You must re-enter your saved POI searches on OneTouch)


  • Enhanced spelling and pronunciation in voice guidance.
  • Improved route calculations.
  • Audio driver modified to solve high pitch noise issue observed in some units.
  • Improved re-routes.
General improvements
  • Enhanced performance at map rendering.
  • Improved media handling.
  • Improved handling of battery status.
  • Spelling / grammar corrections.

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