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 eXplorist GC - Software Version 1.7
Description Description of Fix:

The following actions are going to be taken to work around the two issues:
  1. Messages were added to the startup screen to notify the user of the current activity. The messages are:
    1. “Loading Track…”
    2. “Loading Geocaches…”
    3. “Loading Waypoints…”
    4. “Recovering Database…”
    5. “Indexing Database…”
  2. A maximum of 1000 files will be read and loaded from the device. Any additional files beyond the 1000 will not be loaded. A message notifying the user will be displayed. The message will be: "1000 .GPX files loaded. Please consolidate additional files."
  3. The priority of reading the files will be the following:
    1. Tracks
    2. Geocaches
    3. Waypoints

    NOTE: Maximum number of Geocaches is still 10,000.

  4. Modification of the database loading and rollback process to improve on the load time.

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