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 Maestro 3100 - NA Software Version 2.18
Description p>This update applies to Magellan Maestro 3100. It includes the following features, fixes and improvements:

New Features


  • Added Hawaii and Puerto Rico maps.

Arrival / Distance / Time Remaining

  • Easily toggle between arrival time, distance to destination, and time to destination on map screen when routing

Improved Map Screen

  • New images and icons
  • Smoother updating of the map while driving.
  • Split TrueView is disabled when AutoTrueView is unchecked in Map Options
  • Exits without any POIs do not appear
  • Improved Auto Night view, with smooth day/night switching, adjusted brightness, more colors and ON by default
  • Improved vehicle position icon in 3D view

Delete Previous button

  • Additional functionality enables user to delete previous destinations and previous cities

Trip Planner

  • Added user selectable optimization of trips.

Improved Address Handling

  • Previous City list increased to 10
  • Addresses outside city boundaries are more easily located
  • Address resolution, especially in streets where gaps exist in numbering, is improved
  • General fixes, including the display of long addresses
  • The country (region) name is displayed in the address entry and POI entry
  • Street list display includes the City name at the bottom of the screen
  • City list found by the Zip Code, now includes the state name
  • Home Button can now be set to the current location or an address
  • Delete an entry from entries on Favorites list

Points of Interest (POI)

  • Removed duplicate entries for Restaurants
  • Added new Restaurants
  • Coffee moved to top of POI list
  • Search radius changed to 50 miles. If no POIs are found the radius can be expanded to 100 miles.
  • Added POIs for Hawaii and Puerto Rico



  • Route list does not reset after it is viewed
  • Improved Maneuver List
  • Removed line between position and destination
  • Changed “You Have Arrived" timer from 30 seconds to 10 seconds
  • Improved route calculations
  • Eliminated unnecessary reroutes
  • Reduced number of U-Turns calculated
  • Removed “Ding" sound while rerouting
  • Spelling/ grammar corrections

General Improvements

  • Trip Computer UI given a new look
  • Text balanced, centered and constrained throughout
  • Dimmed checkboxes used on Navigation Instruction Option screen

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